Amy Green – ‘The Teachers’ Coach’

As founder of ‘The Teachers’ Coach’, Amy is excited and passionate about education but also understands first-hand the pressure, challenges and extreme work load that comes with being a teacher.

With a career of over 12 years, and from teaching experiences across the world, Amy knows one common problem all teachers face; Teachers are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and tired, and are more unsupported than ever before.


New programs, new inanities, new curriculum, all for our students, but what about our teachers? What about you? Education is a privilege, but if we don’t value and support our teachers, education is wasted. We know that happy teachers have happy, engaged students. Teachers must become our priority.

Working with colleagues and continually seeing the problems getting bigger, Amy found herself saying; ‘I have to help. I have to help our teachers’.  From this came ‘The Teachers’ Coach’. Amy is excited to be taking ‘The Teachers’ Coach’ directly to teachers to lead, educate and inspire them so they too can have the tools to help them better manage their life both in and out of the classroom.

Amy is bringing teachers ways to use time more productively, showing them how to have more energy and how to implement simple systems and structures to be more organised. Her focus is helping teachers have better work/life balance and to provide them with the support they need to make teaching easier so they can have a life both in and outside the classroom.

Teachers are not just teachers, teachers are people too, and this is where we must start; with the person first, then the teacher.