About The Teachers Coach

As founder of The Teacher’s Coach, Amy is excited and passionate about education but also understands first hand the pressure, challenges and extreme work load that comes with being a teacher.


With a career of over 12 years, spanning from rural NSW to the city of London UK, Amy noticed one common theme; Teachers are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and tired, and are more unsupported than ever before.


Education is a privilege, but if we don’t value and support our teachers, education is wasted. We know that happy teachers have happy, engaged students. Therefore, teachers must become our priority.

After seeking out support for herself, which she couldn’t find in her school setting, Amy began studying Human Behaviour and Success Coaching at The Coaching Institute in 2014. After learning about various coaching methodologies, positive psychology and Meta Dynamics and NLP, she soon realised the positive impact these tools, systems and coaching methodologies would have on any teacher.

As Amy noticed the problems getting bigger, she repeatedly found herself thinking; ‘I have to help. I have to help our teachers’.  From this came ‘The Teachers’ Coach’. Amy is excited to be taking ‘TheTeachers’ Coach’ directly to teachers to lead, educate and inspire them so they too can have the tools to help them manage their life as a teacher.

Amy believes that teachers are not just teachers, teachers are people too, and this is where we must start; with the person first, then the teacher.