It’s not that I’m lucky. It’s not that I’m just a ‘good teacher’. It’s not ‘easy for me’.

Earlier today a colleague asked me why my partner and I are ‘so efficient’; ‘You are both so effective at what you do…’ she said. As much as this was a nice compliment, it did get me thinking…

You see my partner is a teacher too, and both he and I love what we do, and I guess most would say we do it well. We are always well planned, have our books marked, know our students and content to teach. We do these things consistently, plus more, and we know that some other teachers find this challenging to managing.

Now having been a teacher myself, also means I know the internal dialogue of a teacher, the corridor chit-chat, and the staffroom gossip.

We all know those teahcers who are ‘just good at teaching’, who are ‘always lucky like that’ or who ‘have it easy’… But do they? Is that really true?

When my colleague asked me our trick I was a bit stumped, (it’s hard to answer without sounding too cocky), so I just rattled off a few things about being organised and using time well…

But to be honest, this question has stuck with me and really allowed me to explore why we are, and I am, efficient and effective at teaching. What I discovered was, it’s certainly not a ‘trick’, it’s not ‘luck’ and it’s we don’t ‘have it easy’.

What we do, how we do it, and the reason behind our efficiency and effectiveness comes down to our thinking and mindset. So here it is…

25 ways to becoming an ‘Effective and Efficient Teacher’

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