Let’s talk about displays…


Let’s talk displays…

So as we start a new year, get excited about our new students and plan to have the best classroom ever it’s easy to get distracted from what displays are really for.

Already this year I have been in a number of classrooms, seen evidence in the print room and noticed a few photos on my news feed of classrooms that really are ‘pretty’.

But pretty? Really?

Is that what we are going for?

The Pinterest pretty classroom? The matching lettering all neatly cut out? The double mounted, colour printed posters on every wall classroom?

Just why do we feel the push, the need, the force to have these impeccable displays?

Too often displays are all about the teacher…

NEWSFLASH – displays are not an opportunity for you to show your artistic ability, practice your interior design skills or perfect your poster making and laminating skills.

It’s been shown that displays actually don’t have much impact on learning at all .. Unless they are specific, relevant and the students actually use them.

So let’s talk about that.

Displays should be relevant:
Relevant to what you are teaching, the skills the students are learning and what you are looking for to see if they are learning (think assessment).

They should be interactive:
Students need to be able to use displays, go to them to check if what they are doing is right or to see how they can improve their work.

They should be created by: Students need to have ownership of the displays. They need to be part of putting them together, they need to have input.

So take a look around your classroom. Are you displays relevant, interactive and created with students? Or are they a demonstration or your inner Picasso?

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