Finding your staff are suffering from burnout, struggling to keep up with demands or needing to improve in the classroom?

Amy has experience in helping teachers overcome all of this and more. It is common now days to have schools where teachers struggle to keep all the balls juggling.

Ask any teacher and they will say there is something they need to do better – admin tasks, plan engaging lessons, organising themselves and their time. Whatever your staff need help with to keep the balls moving, Amy is able to support, guide and coach teachers to get them from A to B.

Amy combines her expertise in coaching, along with her exemplar teaching capacity, to be able to provide teachers with the strategies they need to improve in all areas of teaching and personal life. Her outstanding practice in differentiation and formative assessment underpin her work in the classroom.

Amy believes that before we coach the teacher, we must first start with the person that is the teacher. This has seen teachers feel valued and supported instantly and take what they learn about themselves back into the classroom too.

If this is something you feel your staff need, Amy is available for workshops, staff professional development, small group training and coaching and 1:1 coaching. Get in contact now!