There is always something to complain about…


There will always be something…. something to complain about, winge about, blame for our circumstances.

In fact, it’s how most teachers bond. The most common topic teachers talk about (freely that is) is usually something they are complaining about.

Enter a staff room and it’s all you hear – this student.. that class… I can’t believe they expect us to…

You see, even though we love teaching, unfortunately it’s the story we hold onto. And it’s rarely a positive one.

So why is this? Well it’s easier to sit in the negative, the pain. It unites us, and by talking about we can share, fit in and belong.

Our brain actually works this way (if we let it), focusing on the negative can be a default, the natural option, the ‘easy path’, and we do this without even knowing.

But if we stay in that space, as victim, we will never move on, never learn, never grow. We will never be able to help ourselves or our students.

Step away from being victim, acknowledge, but instead focus on what has been learnt and what you can be grateful. How will you move forward for you? How will you move forward for your students?

Leave, accept or change it. Decide what to do. In that is the power of who you are and who you can be.

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