What kind of Report Writing Teacher are you?

What type of Report Writing Teacher are you?

At this time of year, so many of us are writing reports, or maybe you have already finished! It is an amazing time to reflect on the year, acknowledge the growth and development of your students and remember all the great things you have done together throughout the year.
Report writing though can certainly see us use some habits of behaviour that only seem to come out when things are difficult, challenging or when you have something really important to do.

Within any school, report writing time is a time where certain work styles are highlighted, stress for some is high, while others are calm, time moves faster for others and some seem to have control of the clock, speeding it up and slowing it down to suit them and others seem to think now is a great time to do anything but reports.

In all the schools I have worked in, what I usually find is there are most often 3 types of report writing teachers:

1. The ‘Get in and out as fast as you can’ report writing teacher.

These teachers have their reports half-written before the annual ‘Report Writing’ staff meeting, they finish well before the due date and they just seem to be able to get them done no matter what. They are organised, have all their notes filled alphabetically all year long and can put their hand on any assessment you ask for at any time day or night. Their ability to do this seems to keep everyone puzzled. How do they do it?

2. The ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ teacher.

This teacher relies heavily on tomorrow, only tomorrow never comes, meaning everything is left until the last minute. You can sense them the day before reports are due as they move around the school in a mad rush, stress and panic and the days following are filled with sighs of relief and are heavily fuelled by coffee as they try to stay awake after such a mad rush to the finish line. ‘It will be different next year’, they say, but it never is…

3. The ‘A bit here and a bit there’ teacher.

This teacher sits somewhere in between, a little bit here and there, maybe a well planned out approach of one or two a day over a few weeks. Their mantra is ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Not only are their reports in on time, but they don’t even break a sweat, no markers of stress and no panic to the end. These teachers seem to have it somewhat down pat. They remain calm and steady, never faulting. They are the envy of all other staff.

No matter what kind of Report Writing Teacher you are, or how you approach the task of writing reports, itis never an easy job, so thank you for all the time, effort and energy you put into this task.

So, what kind of report writing teacher are you??

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