Why are school holidays so hard?


WOO HOO it’s holidays!

On the last day of term, especially when it’s the last day of the year, teachers everywhere can be seen cheering, jumping for joy and wearing smiles so big they almost look fake (but believe me they aren’t.

Holidays for teachers mean 2 things. The end of a school year, and the start of a new one.

This is why holidays are so hard.

The end of a school year should see teachers going on amazing vacations, sleeping in, binging on Netflix, catching up with friends, hanging with family and totally 100% be doing nothing that is even closely linked to school.

But unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Unfortunately, there is this faint sound, almost like a faint nagging, similar to a puppy chewing at your leg wanting to go for a walk…

Whilst it is holidays, and the end of the year, that oh so faint, but continuous nagging, is the reminder that there is another year to come, and that means another year to prepare for.

Another set of name tags to make, desks to label, pencil pots to fill, seating arrangements to plan, lessons to design, homework to create, display boards to cover, meeting to schedule… the list is endless. Each thing adds to the nagging. Each thing is why holidays are hard.

The imaging might be faint, but it pretty quickly becomes strong, and doesn’t require much help.

Walk into a bookstore… ‘Oh that would be nice for my class’, down the stationary aisle at the supermarket – a reminder to buy new pencil pots, a trip to the cinema to watch a feel-good movie will make you wonder if it’s a book, because if it is you could read it to your class and if it’s not, what will you read? And will the book you choose already have work made to go with it or do you have to make it up? Will it be a novel study or will you just read the book for fun? How many copies will you need? What books does the school already have? Will you students like it? What do they like? But what if the book you read they have already read?

All this from just going to see a movie???

Yes – holidays are hard.

But here’s my message: School can wait. The answer to your questions can wait. The new class can wait.

But you can’t. Your rest, relaxation and time to recharge can’t.

So stop with school.

Now I know you are freaking out about this, so here is my one tip that is going to ensure you are OK…

Make a list.

Yes it’ss rocket science I know. You would never have thought of it on your own.

Make a list of the things you have to do befoer school satrts. Each time you have a new idea, add to the list (I love using an app for this and highly recomend swipes).

A week or 2 before school, start swioing things off the list and gettign stuff done, but not before hand.

Right now is you time.

School can wait.

Make holidays easy, not hard.

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