Why I spent a weekend by myself and what I learnt.

Recently I had a weekend to myself, just me, no one else, nothing to do but what I wanted!

This was 100% by choice.

My partner was off away for the weekend, and I was home alone. I did think about going to visit my sister and nephews, or my brother by the beach, but all of this just seemed a little too hard. Normally I jump at the opportunity to be with family, but this time something was different. I couldn’t find the energy, the excitement or even the will to drive there.

I was tired. I am tired.

The past few weeks have been full on, and my body is feeling it. My brain is foggy. My energy isn’t great and my skin is breaking out in cold sores; all signs I am tired and my body needs rest.

So that is exactly what I did. Rest. Sleep. Nothing.

I chose to put me first. I chose to rest. I chose to read, to lay by the pool, to do nothing.

I chose to make sure I was balancing this with other things I know my body needs; a good workout and coffee with people on my level, eating the right foods, going to bed early and 2 nights of 8-9 hrs sleep, yoga and getting my meals ready for the following week.

I chose to spend the weekend doing what I needed, and also what I knew would make my week better.

Having time alone is for some people a really scary thing, but for others, like me, it’s a must. My message here isn’t that you must spend time alone (Although I think everyone should, as there is so much to learn by spending time with yourself), it’s that you must listen to your body, know when to rest, know when to pause, and know what your body needs.    

Having self-awareness and knowing this is a skill, it takes times and it is hard to do in a world that is busy, noisy and where everyone else demands you, but it is so important to put you first, fix you, take care of you – just liked you do everyone else.

Invest time into knowing you, it’s essential to your happiness.

At the moment work is noisy, schools are noisy, shops are noisy, even the streets and their Christmas lights are noisy. Make some time to be quiet. Listen to what you need. Put time aside for you.

Waking up this morning I know I am in a better place. I am rested. I am calmer. I am more focused on what is important and putting the other things out of my head, my mind, my now.

A weekend alone was just what I needed.

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