Work with Amy

Amy works with teachers, supporting them to make life easier in and out of the classroom. From working through lesson planning and classroom organisation, to supporting teachers with mindset and well-being. Her aim is to reduce teacher stress and overwhelm, and support teachers to better use their time and energy. She offers a range of services which can be tailored to your needs. If this is a priority for you then get in contact.

Benefits of working with Amy:

  • Improved work/life balance
  • More time in and out of the classroom
  • Better energy
  • Strategies and support gettiing organised
  • Effective systems and structures to help manage your classroom and home life
  • More efficient ways to manage lesson planning and classroom instructions
  • Improved student outcomes through student-centred coaching

This may include:

  • Personal coaching for teachers to help manage stress and overwhelm, leading to improved and consistent work/life balance
  • Transformational and/or instructional coaching for teachers to establish best practice within the classroom, which is sustainable and increase student engagement by, for example, using differentiation and assessment for learning.
  • Teacher team coaching and small group short courses
  • Student-centered coaching, supporting teahcers to get the most out of their students learning
  • Teacher workhops and face-to-face learning, tailored to your neeeds