Your well-being starts with you!

Here’s the thing, no-one owns your wellbeing except you!

No one can tell you when to stop and take a break, when to make changes so things are easier or when to leave work earlier to go and do some yoga; all of this is decided by you.

Sure, others (even me), can make suggestions, give tips and advice, or give you something to read, but the decision to engage with it lies with you, no-one else. 

So why is it you are looking for someone else to make your life easier, more calm, less overwhelmed?

It’s not up to the school, the education department you work for or your principal to ‘fix’ what is wrong with teaching, workload and how you manage your time, this really sits with you.

As I said, all anyone else can do is give you the tools, advice or tips on how, but it is up to you to take the first step, to engage in it, to really take action and begin to implement these things into your life.

A one off yoga class instead of a staff meeting is not going to eternally fix your feeling of overwhelm, a meeting free week is not going to mean you will all of a sudden be on top of your work, and having regular holidays away from school is not all you need for work/life balance.

Real change, change that is sustainable and lasts longer than the yoga class is up to you, it is hard, and it is at first a lot of work, but it is work that changes and impacts your life in the way you want it to, and only you can do this.

So why is it we look to others to ‘fix’ all these things? We are teachers, we know that no matter how much information we give our students, unless they do something with it, action it, the learning is wasted.

When we are teaching something new, we don’t just do one lesson and expect our students to grasp it and understand, so why should we expect the one yoga class or cancelled meeting to solve all our stress and overwhelm. It won’t. It doesn’t. When we want our students to learn something new we teach, and teach, and teach again, then we have them apply it in multiple ways, over and over, and this is what we should do too.

Learning how to do life, how to have better work/life balance, how to manage our stress, overwhelm and time has to be learnt, it’s not easily fixed, but can be done.

So what is it you need help with? What area of life do you need to improve? What is it you want more of? To have this what needs to change?

Ask yourself these questions? Ask yourself what you can do? What change can you make now?

The power to any change starts with you.

If you are stuck for answers or need some help, let me know. This is what I do.

Amy Green – The Teachers’ Coach

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